Why Opera Skis?

Have you ever imagined the ski of your dreams?
How should it be?
What if it was possible to have it?

After twenty years in search of innovation and thanks to the intuitions and the experiences gained on the ski slopes and in winter sports companies, Alessandro Marchi “Sandy” has created Opera Skis to satisfy demanding and informed customers, helping them to understand the real value of his creations and the concept of “modern craftsmanship”.

What does it mean “modern craftsmanship”?

The artisan skills combined with the competitiveness of the Italian industrial system have allowed the creation of a company that stands out in the world panorama.

Craftsmanship is distinctive of Italian culture and economy and is the basis for the realization of each new model.We build skis using advanced design and finishing tools, numerical control machining centers to cut and prepare materials, and artisanal gluing method, in a process where the hands and the eyes are still the protagonists, following step by step the realization and checking the quality several times.

Modern craftsmanship is the key to create products with unique performances by controlling their quality and allowing their replicability. This added value, generated by the combination of expertise and technology, can not be reproduced in industrial production processes or in traditional artisanal processes.

“Modern craftsmanship is the answer to your desires”

Unlike the values of the luxury concept, suitable for those seeking the consumer satisfaction only, the “high-end” requires one more step: the customer’s appreciation of the creativity, the manufacture, the modernity and the functionality intrinsic in every performing sport product.
Opera Skis is part of a market where the aesthetic taste is combined with the performance, interpreting the customer’s wishes with a unique and personalized product.


Tailored skis that can follow the guidelines of our collection or the individual customer requests, customizing structurally or aesthetically every single product.


At the production level the innovation has allowed us to create smaller factories, therefore more flexible and capable of handling small orders and customizations. In the products, on the other hand, the innovation is made above all in the materials and in the assembly processes, since the shapes have a general convergence on quite similar proposals. Finally there is the innovation closest to the consumer, the one that seeks solutions for client needs and desires. We do not think about the individual project but rather to build an overall consistency in all these aspects.

Opera is…

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